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Languages of TAR: Translators needed :)

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We will soon be starting another TAR season, and TAR Aus will be running soon as well, meaning many more fun locations to come!

With the increasing worldwide use of Twitter/blogs/FB posts in various languages, Slowhatch brought up the question of do we have a list of who here speaks what languages?

So if any of you talented posters would be willing to share your language skills and help with translating, would you add what languages you can manage here?

Google translations only take a girl so far, I had some pretty hysterical Chinese ones recently. :lol:

Thanks everyone!

I'm from Portugal, so I speak Portuguese!  :tup:
I also understand a little of Spanish because it's similar to Portuguese.
I had French classes for 3 years so I know a little bit, but it's only a few words :P

Count me in for Chinese only. :lol:

I can do English, French and Profanity.

:lol3: That last one we need a LOT!! Thanks guys!!


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