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--- Quote from: DecliveBL on July 15, 2011, 12:29:18 AM ---Tyler and Nathan at the FINALE!!

During an interview with Lisa, Baz and Sam on 92.9 this morning, Bingle divulged a secret about upcoming episodes of The Amazing Race: Australia.

With the winning team set to pocket $250,000, Amazing Race producers have gone to great lengths to keep the result of the adventure reality show a secret since filming wrapped last November.

Bingle is friends with contestant Nathan, who has found success on the show with his surf buddy Tyler, and Lisa cheekily asked the model if she knew how her mates from Bondi fare on the series.

The former WAG giggled and said, “I think I can’t say this…. I think I’ll be in trouble,” before blurting out, "they’re in the final.”

--- End quote ---

talk about moronic, I wonder how furious the producers are


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