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TAR 17 EP 12 (FINALE) "Hi. I'm sorry. I'm in a Race."

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Thanks to jayruh 1021 for finding the title!!

ROUTE SUMMARY: Upcoming Episodes
EP12: Seoul, South Korea to Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Film Date: JUNE 15
Air Date: DEC 12

Leg Route/Tasks:

ROUTE INFO: Fly to Los Angeles, CA (USA); travel by taxi to Vincent Thomas Bridge (east of LAX)
EVIDENCE: Two teams (?) spotted on flight from Seoul to Los Angeles 6/15; production seen exiting LAX around 8:00am (Source 1), (Source 2), (Source 3); team in taxi traveling on eastbound 105 (just east of Sepulveda) on promo after EP11 (Source)
TIMING: Taxi on highway between 10:21 and 10:44am (Source)

ROUTE INFO: Board helicopter at Vincent Thomas Bridge; travel to bungee crane task here
EVIDENCE: Overheard phone call (Source); promo after EP11 (Source); photo ID (Source 1), (Source 2)
TIMING: Brook/Claire arrive at helipad between 12:25 and 12:49pm (Source 1), (Source 2)

ROUTE INFO: Bungee crane task here
EVIDENCE: Promo after EP11 (Source)
TIMING: Nat/Kat bungee first; Brook/Claire and Jill/Thomas at task simultaneously, but Jill/Thomas jump first; all teams possibly 5-10 minutes apart (Source 1), (Source 2), (Source 3)

ROUTE INFO: Travel by helicopter to Rose Bowl in Pasadena
EVIDENCE: Promo, photo ID(Source)
TIMING: Nat/Kat arrive at Rose Bowl between 12:56 and 12:59pm (Source)

ROUTE INFO: Indoor iPad memory task en route from Pasadena to Beverly Hills?
EVIDENCE: Promo after EP11 (Source 1), (Source 2); Brook/Claire in taxi between Pasadena area and Beverly Hills area (Source)

FINISH LINE: Travel by taxi to Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills
EVIDENCE: Promo after EP11 (Source), Photo ID (Source)

Winners: UNKNOWN

TIMING: Brook/Claire 5 minutes away from Greystone Mansion sometime after 2:18pm (Source)

PREVIEW!! Thanks to TL for the video!!

               screencaps are here:,23566.msg579854.html#msg579854


               screencaps are here:,23566.msg580114.html#msg580114


               screencaps are here:,23566.msg580762.html#msg580762

Short promo! Courtesy of TL!!



Hi guys, I'm new here. I've been watching you guys work at spoiling TAR 17 and 18 and I'm amazed at all you guys can do, so I want to help as much as I can :tup:

I know this is at the wrong spot but the appropriate thread is locked so I want to temporarily move it here. You can move it to the other thread whenever you like peach.

Anyways I just wanted to put this on cuz I know everybody's hooked with Tar 18 right now. Also if I did anything wrong or u want to tell me something that I should cuz I'm a beginner, plz tell me so so someday I can be as good as you guys :lol:


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