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Reilly Queens:

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--- Quote from: s1 on February 10, 2011, 10:11:16 AM ---I do not believe it to be 100% so use at your own risk.

iamthebest75 from sucks posted  1/24/11 04:22 AM

i have decided to provide:

the official bootlist:
1st Boot - Stephanie Valencia (Russell's Tribe0 (Young Girl)
2nd Boot - Ralph Kiser (Russell's Tribe/Removed) (Older Guy)
3rd Boot - Phillip Sheppard (Rob's Tribe) (Older Guy)
4th Boot - Julie Wolfe (Russell's Tribe) (Older Woman)
5th Boot - Kristina Kell (Rob's Tribe) (Older Woman)
6th Boot - Francesca Hogi (Rob's Tribe) (Older Woman)
7th Boot - Steve Wright (Russell's Tribe) (Older Guy)
8th Boot - Matt Wyatt Elrod (Rob's Tribe) (Young Guy)

1st Juror - Russell Hantz (Older Guy)
2nd Juror - Krista Klumpp (Young GirL)
3rd Juror - Sarita White (Older Woman)
4th Juror - Rob Mariano (Older Guy)
5th Juror - Mike Chisel (Young Guy)
6th Juror - Ashley Underwood (Young Girl)
7th Juror - David Murphy (Young Guy)

Final 3 -

Natalie Tenerelli (Young Girl), Grant Mattos (Young Guy), Andrea Boehlike (Young Girl)

Votes are expected to go:

Natalie - 3
Andrea - 2
Grant - 2

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That one was believed to be false from the beginning.

I think we can now discount missyae's spoiler as well.

Reilly Queens:

--- Quote from: georgiapeach on February 23, 2011, 07:59:12 PM ---That one was believed to be false from the beginning.

I think we can now discount missyae's spoiler as well.

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yeah, It started getting Fishy.

and I guess the redemption challenge is next week, I though tribal would be at :30 and RI at :45 or something, but my spec is that Matt wins.


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--- Quote from: s1 on February 10, 2011, 10:30:53 AM ---Black Whale spoilers from sucks
RED = pre-merge   Green = Jury or F3
FV = makes Family Visit
Something to consider - At least one person may be voted out twice.  Black whale has said 2 people will be returning from Redemption Island, 1 at merge and 1 at F5.  Media coverage seems to be leaning towards just 1 person returning and I am more inclined to believe just 1 returns.  Time will tell.  

Rob  FV
Andrea Boehlke
Ashley Underwood
Francesca Hogi
Grant Mattos
Kristina Kell
Matt Elrod
Natalie Tenerelli
Phillip Sheppard


David Murphy
Krista Klumpp
Mike Chiesl
Julie Wolfe
Ralph Kiser
Sarita White
Stephanie Valencia
Steve Wright

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Just curious, but who would come for Rob's family visit? Cuz Amber was pregnant then

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Can be considered wrong as of now. Russell OR Matt can't be on the jury. One of them will be gone tomorrow!


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