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The Amazing Race will be back! Although fans are still waiting for word of an official renewal from CBS for our favorite series, TAR 18 is apparently a definite GO!!

Plans for TAR 18 seem to be well under way. The next season of TAR will reportedly include a group of former racers from Season 12 onwards, and may already be completely casted. At least one round of "final" racer casting interviews has already occurred.

With the lack of any official TAR 18 applications, it has been widely speculated online for months that TAR 18 could be an "All-Stars" of some sort. While that term is not being used officially as of yet, it IS clear that we are going to have another chance to see some of our favorite (and perhaps not so favorite racers) in action again!

Filming is expected to begin later this fall.

Great news, although I fully expected there would be a TAR 18!

:jumpy: :beer: :jumpy:  :party: :jumpy:  :yess: :jumpy: :tup:

I look forward to Luke's comments (or more likely, his complete silence).   :lol:


I speculate that Kynt and Vyxsin, as one of the most recognizable and "out there" teams in the shows history, will get to come back for another go.  :hearts:

Glad there is a TAR18! BUT...didn't think they'd be bringing back former racers so soon! Might they be celebrating TAR's 10th Anniversary or something? It's a little early considering 10 years would have been official come September 5, 2011 (the next Fall season). So what's up with that casting call in Boston a few weeks ago and the one coming up in Atlantic City? Do you think there's a possibility it's a Fans vs. Favorites thing? I don't know, happy but disappointed. Well, here's to hoping for Ronald & Christina, Terence & Sarah and Jaime & Cara!

another all star :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
For me:
Jet  cord
micheal louie
meghan cheyne
fligh time big easy
marge luke
nick starr
Kynt  Vyxsin

carol brandy
zev justin
cara jamie
mel mike
tony dallas
kelly christy
ken tina
ronald christina
nathan jennifer

And ..someone of tar 17...


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