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When will race start?

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I know that everything is taped in advance. When do they normally start racing for the seasons that start in February, like this one? In the past when have their been sightings of teams? Thanks.

For previous seasons that premiered in February or March filming started:

Season  Film Start  Location                                     Film End    Location                                         Length Premiere Date
TAR 16  2009-11-28  Los Angeles, CA, (Vista Hermosa Park)        2009-12-20  San Francisco, CA, (Candlestick Park)            22     2010-02-14
TAR 14  2008-10-31  Los Angeles, CA, (Los Alamitos Naval Base)   2008-11-22  Maui, HA, (King Kamehameha Golf Club)            22     2009-02-15
TAR 11  2006-11-20  Miami, FL, (Charles Deering Historic Estate) 2006-12-17  San Francisco, CA, (SF Botanical Garden)         27     2007-02-18
TAR 9   2005-11-07  Morrison, CO, (Red Rocks Amphitheatre)       2005-12-03  Morrison (Denver), CO (Red Rocks Park)           26     2006-02-28
TAR 7   2004-11-20  Long Beach, CA, (Queen Mary Museum Ship)     2004-12-19  Fort Lauderdale, FL, (Bonnet House)              30     2005-03-01
TAR 2   2002-01-08  Pahrump, NV                                  2002-02-05  Sausalito, CA (Murray Circle on East Fort Baker) 28     2002-03-11   

If you throw out TAR 2 as an anomaly, using past seasons as a guide, I would guess sometime between October 29 and November 27 to start.

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TAR 4 was originally planned for spring 2003, but got delayed. It was filmed between mid-January and as shown in the finale, completed filming on February 14th, 2003.


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