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Help!!! What do I watch now that BB is over?

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--- Quote from: Janna74 on October 01, 2010, 09:59:26 PM ---Simple watch the interviews and pay attention to fan pages!

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That too!!!

Welcome to RFF Janna!



--- Quote from: TexasLady on October 01, 2010, 10:10:17 PM ---
--- Quote from: Sandra1991 on September 17, 2010, 11:37:21 AM ---Well, I'll watch all seasons of TAR that are/will start airing this month! China Rush, Asia, Latin America and of course the American one!
When I have time I also watch other non-reality TV shows.
(and I still have like 10 seasons of BB to watch, so it will be a looooong time until my BB withdrawal begins lol)

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LOL. I agree if you have 10 seasons to watch, it will be a long time before you miss BB. Check out Survivor in addition to TAR! Then for sure you won't run out of things to watch.  :lol:

(You could join us with Hell's Kitchen and The Apprentice too!)  :tup:

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I would loooove to watch all of those shows! But college takes away all of my time so I almost don't even have time to watch TAR :\ Maybe next Summer :P

I watch TAR and Survivor (which used to be on Thurs) and The Apprentice....and DWTS.  I also like the new Hawaii Five-0.  I watch a lot of Food TV stuff, too. 

And even though I'm a female, I love football and baseball.  Sept. is alway VERY cool because both are on.  I live about an hour from Cincinnati, so I"m hoping they'll go to the next round (baseball playoffs) but right now they are down 2-0 against Philly, so that's doubtful..  (dang those great Philly pitchers --- and Cincy... FIVE errors in one game??????)

I'm really struggling without big brother!


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