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Help!!! What do I watch now that BB is over?

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OMG!  It's Thursday night, but there's no BB.  Now what do I watch?

Help yourself!!

The Amazing Race in China: "China Rush", all in English, being run by teams of mostly expats, really enjoyable!

TARAsia 4, first episode now up!

Last night's Survivor premiere

All the TAR 17 spoilers and previews in prep for the Premiere on 9/26!!


I watch a little bit of reality (like TAR) and a little bit of whatever else. Mainly sports, but that's just me.

But I know what you mean. Thursday came and I was like... "It's odd not watching Big Brother."

Maybe I can watch all the other shows that are taking up space on my DVR?  :lol:  And football!

I suggest... if you are depressed... slice YOURSELF! ... a piece of cake! yum!


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