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Hey All,

Sorry I didn't start a RFF tribe sooner.  Just super busy & forgot. :duh:  However, anyone can start a game at Lance's Pickem. :tup:

:nm: my previous comments about giving up my points in Week 2.  It suddenly dawned on me...I'm also on Lancer's "Fans of Jeff Probst" Tribe!  However, the real biggie is that I'm currently ranked #1 OVERALL for the Cheaterboard!  So if I forfeit playing Wk 2, it would bump me DOWN for the Probst tribe AND the Overall board.  
 :meh Sorry folks...that would ruin the whole season for me at Lancer's!  I've never won Top Dog.  
And here's my chance. :tup:
I hope you'll still join Lance's Survivor Pick'em & the RFF Tribe! :hrt:
See below for directions....

You have been invited to join LuvRudy's
Private Tribe: RFF
in Lance's Survivor Pick'Em game.

In order to join the tribe, just go to:
and click the "Sign me up" link and then
choose to Join a Private Tribe.  Then, when
prompted, enter the following information...

    Tribe Number: 2444
    Password: werock

Users with previous Lance's Survivor Pick'Em accounts
should use the link above to log into their existing
New users may go directly to the following link
to set up a new account:

This is old news, but just wanted to say I ranked #1 on the Cheaterboard
OVERALL most of the season.  The last 3 eps and finale, I tied for first best ever at Lance's Pick'em. 

However, I really missed not having more players on the RFF tribe.  Only two of us played.  Shanghilil moved up the overall cheaterboard purdy fast to place 11th.  Yeah! We both rocked!  :wohoo:

I'm going to start a tribe for Season 22 soon!  :yess:  So be looking for it on the S22 board!  :yess:


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