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Reilly Queens:
here is another promotional vid from CBS

TV Guide Preview of the Preview:

Missyae outs Russell as a source:

--- Quote ---After Survivor fan Jim Early was sued for revealing the show’s secrets, he pointed a finger at one of its most popular players, Russell Hantz, as his source. Andy Dehnart reports:

• Mark Burnett Productions and CBS sued Early for successfully spoiling Seasons 19 and 20.
• Early began talking to Russell Hantz on the phone, who would tease information. Once Hantz saw the attention the information got on the Survivor Sucks message boards, Early said, “he just started coming out and telling me what happened: who was leaving, who won challenges."
• The Survivor cast members’ contract states that contestants may not reveal "the elimination of contestants and the selection of any winner." The penalty for doing so is "liquidated damages" of $5 million.
--- End quote ---

Get the full story here:

RFF gets a mention too:

--- Quote ---Spoiling reality shows—which includes revealing participants before they are officially announced, identifying who will be eliminated or even who will win in a competition, or giving out other plot-revealing information before it is broadcast—has become common practice online, from "Reality Steve" Carbone's information about ABC's The Bachelor to the message board Reality Fan Forum, where members follow CBS' The Amazing Race's production as it films (months before it airs) and identify its cast members using Facebook and other sources. Survivor has been subject to speculation and spoiling since it began in 2000, but it reached new levels during the 2009-2010 TV season.
--- End quote ---

Reilly Queens:
Russell, Russell :naughty:  :rulz:

I sort of thought that missyae source was Hantz........never went for the speculation that it was his wife.


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