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This is the place to begin if you have a link to share or need a link to watch. :tup:

NO links should be posted in the threads, we try very hard to protect the uploaders and advertising them is a sure way to get them deleted.

I have re-started the site where we can share info about how to watch both TAR 17 and TARA 4. Once you have access there, remember to hit the "subscribe" button so you automatically get any new updates.

If you want the link to this site, please post here with "links". As I can I will add you to the list, and then delete your name here. SO if your post disappears, you should be good.

This will prob take me a few days so don't panic. it def will NOT be today.

If you were an active contributor to the last thread, I will try to add you in right away.

For security reasons, I will be giving this only to registered users who we know and trust. If you are a newbie, jump on into the discussions, add your name to the list, and your day WILL come. :lol:

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at the link in my profile.

Thanks everyone, this was a lifesaver the last time, hopefully will work as well this time with everyone's help!!  :yess:

Howdy Peach.

I'm in England, have just watched the first episode via the official AXN TARA 4 website, they havent't blocked my ISP(Virgin Media) It seems. Great leg(Non elimination if anyones wondering)
Could I just urge anyone in England to try the official AXN website before requesting links. It worked for me, should for you.

Welcome Matty! This is for future reference, AXN only plans to share the first 2 online. Otherwise we would all be fine!

Have you found the link? Is it going to be a livestream?

This thing is being blocked in the USA?!  Can I grab the link please?


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