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This is the thread to post anything that happens after the finale.

You can post interviews, videos, pictures, articles and anything you find that happens after the finale.

I will be following the Vegas bash very closely this weekend. I expect lots of action on twitter. 

You always do a great job with this Will! Thank you!  :tup:

missy out back on superpass with annie

bendon  how do you feel about hayden?

 breond  i ahve alot of respect for him.. i was hurt about the stuff they saifd behind my back..

 missy so that's why you voted for lane

 brendon rachel and i discussed   everythign together.. and when she found out that's why we both voted for lane

missy is asking brenond how it felt when kathy interrupted private time with him and rach..

 bren i love kathy alot but give me a little bit of a breaak

 missy CBS interviewed your X finacee.. and that she was on team rachel..

 brendon is in shock.. and nw is trying to make like that it's something good that his X finacee is on  team rach

 missy did you know that britney  made  up the nick name of you being a neanderthal?

 bren.. now knowing it i believe it..

 missy asks him aobut his toe..

 bren i know i have a messed up toe.. and now that i know  andrew is a podiatrist.. i will ask him for help


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