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Lane's Mystery Object

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Ugot has been mentioning Lane's mystery object. I think I know what Lane hides in the bathroom drawer. He's very sneaky about it, he usually turns his back to the camera and slips it in his pocket before he goes into the WC.

I'll post it tomorrow at noon if the "Yes" answer is in the majority. (Warning, I'm sure Lane doesn't want us to know what he is hiding so I feel a little bad about posting it. I'll put the guilt on YOU!)  :lol:

nothing is secretive when you're on Big Brother!!

Heck hes more open about that thing he does in the shower than about that  canister! :lol3:

Spill the beans TL ... don't be a tease  :lol:

Well whatever it is, he only uses it in the toilet, so it probably is some type of medicinal cream for a "personal problem"  :lol3:

That said, if it is what I think it is, he REALLY deserves kudos for the part one HOH attempt

I say YES.............nothing is a secret on BB     :lol3:


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