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BB12 Live Feed Updates FINALE DAY 9/15/10

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Lane and Enzo talking about a TV. Something about moving furniture into the have not room?

Someone farted. Enzo denies it.

Enzo says why can't they do the competition outside? (They do it in the living room. Outside is set up for the party.)

Enzo and Lane aren't really talking about much.

Is BB going to scan the crowd and show their families? What was Rachel's biggest move of the game (in her opinion)?

(These guys are going to bed early. Why? I'm going to check up on them one last time tomorrow before feeds cut.)

Lane saying that if Kathy is the saboteur that she is probably still sabotaging things in the jury house

I'm home from work reporting for duty one last time! Last BBAD episode of the season!

All are in bed with lights out

Enzo rambling on about football

Thanks for all your help Will.

Boys in bed


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