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TARA 4 Jess & Lani (Philippines)



Jacinta James (Jess), 27, Tattooist | Lani Pillinger, 27, Model
Party Girls, The Philippines

Jess and Lani have been literally inseparable since they met more than ten years ago. Since then, the party girls have had more than their fair share of drunk escapades, among which involved sea urchins, Ronald Mcdonalds and spanking bike riders in the early morning.

Born and raised in Australia, both girls have made the Philippines their new home. Their resume is remarkably extensive, with Jess clocking experience as a strip club manager, PR hostess and tattooist and Lani as a film producer. The photogenic lasses have also dabbled in modelling and had cameos in music videos, advertisements and TV shows.

Social engagements aside, they love their adrenaline sports, from jet skiing to sky jumping. The latter was particularly tough for Lani, who took three hours to get over her fear of heights before she finally jumped. Look out guys, for this is one team who would not hesitate to use their feminine wiles to get their way in the race.


Reilly Queens:
Oh my world. I have been watchin TARA4 over the past few days and all I have to say is I L O V E them!  :<3 :hearts:

I love their attitude and their British like accents!!!  :lol:


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