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BB12 Live Feed Updates Sat 9/11/10- Tues 9/14/10

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Hayden winner of part one for HOH

Lane winner of part 2 for HOH

Lane and Hayden will play for final HOH Wed. 9/15/10

enzo i thought yo said no more Dr's?

 enzo let me man up yo.. man up (he sorta yells it )

enzo inspects the fridge again for something to eat..  and then the cabinet..

enzo im surrounded by fat yo.. now that i understand these facts.. enzo grabs a cookie eats a piece and throws the rest out..

enzo sits at the table with lane..  lane asked him if he wants to play balck jack

 enzo yeah
 lane has a qtip in each ear and is just sitting ther with them in..

enzo people would say we have a good looking cast.. get the f outa er.. and andrew would say he was embarrassed to be up on that wall



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