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BB12 Live Feed Updates Friday 9/10/10

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Ok they are back.

Enzo to the DR

Lane at the potty

Hayden stressing at kitchen counter

Lane opening a bottle of champagne

Enzo out of DR

Lane to the DR

Enzo goes to potty

LD is over.

Enzo and Hayden goes outside and says it's cold tonite.

They head back inside. Hayden goes to potty.  Enzo goes to get a jacket.

Both back out to play pool

Lane still in DR

Enzo is really down about losing the comp.

Lane out of DR

Hayden to the DR

Lane having a glass of bubbly.

Lane wearing his Brigade shirt he made the other day.

Brigade members outside. Enzo's basically sulking, all because he's not playing for the final HOH.


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