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BB12 Live Feed Updates Thurs. Eviction Day 9/9/10

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Britney Evicted 1-0

Hayden Lane and Enzo compete for HOH

Part One HOH Winner Hayden

And we are LIVE again...

Hayden playing with cards at kitchen counter

Enzo talking from background

Don't see Lane

feeds back Enzo trying to understand how to work the clippers..

 hayden is  going to help enzo out with it

We have feeds.

Enzo is toying around with the razor in the bathroom. He has no idea what he's doing. Something about numbers. He calls for Hayden and he comes in from the kitchen.

Everyone's in the bathroom. Hayden is looking at the razor.

It's clear now that Enzo wants a buzzcut. Hayden is giving Enzo a buzzcut.

All in bathroom

Hayden using clippers to cut Enzo's hair, Lane watching


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