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TV's next 'Amazing Race' gets Gloucester start

By Jonathan L'Ecuyer Staff Writer

The helicopter with a camera affixed to its nose — and seen following a caravan of dark-colored SUVs and Smart Cars from high above Eastern Point on Wednesday — was no news chopper.

It apparently contained a film crew for CBS' "The Amazing Race," which began filming its 17th season in Gloucester Harbor.

Several teams of two, each pair donning different colored shirts, were bused to Jodrey State Fish Pier, loaded onto lobster boats, transported to the Eastern Point Yacht Club and sent on their way in Smart Cars to their first destination — Logan International Airport.

While an employee of the Yacht Club could only confirm that there was a "private function" held at the facility on Wednesday,  Joe Ciaramitaro, author of the GoodMorningGloucester blog, caught the contestants' departure from the state pier on camera and posted the video to the popular blog site, also accessible through the community blogs at

"I look out toward the fish pier every day and I noticed this big bus come through," Ciaramitaro said Thursday. "I just started taping because it was interesting."

Ciaramitaro captured the teams walking down the gangway and aboard a half dozen Gloucester fishing vessels: The Jennie C, No Excuses, Karen Lynn, Tuna.Com, Lady J, and Lady Lane.

The procession of boats headed out single file past the Paint Factory to Gloucester's Inner Harbor, where they passed the Greasy Pole and Hammond Castle en route to the Eastern Point Yacht Club. There, they disembarked and the race began, Ciaramitaro said.

Ciaramitaro's wife, Jill, and a few friends had just finished an exercise class on East Main Street when a pair of "Amazing Race" contestants, who found themselves stuck in road construction traffic just beyond Rocky Neck, rolled down their window and asked them for directions to Logan International Airport.

"When the car stopped, two cameramen popped out of the SUV which was right behind the man-and-woman race team, who were rolling separately in a Smart Car," he said. "The camera and a microphone were shoved in (Jill's) face and when she replied how to get to Logan, the team told her not to speak to anyone else."

Before the team could continue on their journey, his wife had to sign a release form acknowledging she may end up on the show, Ciaramitaro said. That would be fine with Jill, who is a fan of the reality show.

"She watches it religiously," Ciaramitaro said. "I'm a casual fan because I can't stay up that late because I get up at 3 a.m."

The show follows the teams of two people who have some form of pre-existing relationship as they race rival teams around the world. Contestants travel to and within several countries in a variety of transportation modes, and teams are continuously eliminated until just three remain. The team that first arrives at the final destination is awarded the $1 million grand prize.

Attempts to reach CBS publicists were not returned by press time Thursday. The show has been on American television since 2001 and has earned eight Emmy Awards, including all seven "Outstanding Reality-Competition Program" awards that have been presented.

The 17th installment of the series — which airs two seasons per calendar year — will air on CBS this fall.

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