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Britney and lane talking in HOH about the three parter HOH comp. Britney saying the 3rd part is a crapshoot, anybody can win that one.

Basically Lane is telling Britney he's undecided on who to take to F2 if he wins the last part. He feels that Enzo will beat him socially but at the same time Hayden will beat him competitive wise. It's a lose-lose for him so he's really playing for 2nd place.

Lane saying no one will win against Hayden

B says so that's why no one should take him to final two...duh

B it makes me so mad, I feel like you are giving you want me to vote for H?? I will!

B why would he win if you don't take him??

L If I take E, I can lose too, and I would rather H win than E

B If you take E, it is a gamble...will the jury vote personally or competitively?? That's a risk, but if you go with H you will def lose.

B RAgan thought H would win 100%

L now I am in a predicament because I wanted you in the final 3

E/H talking about whoever wins the last HOH will sway the jury

E so full of himself...he is telling H yeah with you, I have a good shot at winning! Also with Lane!

They are talking about Enzo now and saying how much he gave up to be on the show with his sick father and leaving his baby daughter behind. Saying the baby probably won't remember him now as small she is.

Britney told Lane she is pissed she's not in the final three and she came up short.


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