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BB12 Live Feed Updates Monday 9/6/10

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Hayden HOH

Lane and Britney nominated for eviction

Brit won $10,000 playing  BB Hide n Seek

Hayden won POV

Brit and Lane talking about the things they are looking forward to, sleeping in their own beds, their dogs, seeing their family.
Peach, I'm fading fast! Lane wants to know which she is more excited to see, her dogs or Nick.

Lane and Brit are wondering if people will treat them differently, can't imagine what it will be like outside.

Lane asking whether you would rather be famous or filthy rich, Brit says famous. Lane says his money would go to help his mom. They think they had a really good season.
Brit saying she watched bb when she was 14 and thought it would be cool to be on the show. Can't believe she really made it. Talking about reality shows.
Brit thinks they had best cast ever.

Brit I hope we had a really good season we can be proud of

L I think we had a stupendous season :lol:

B I used to think about being famous when I was little, when I would drive

L I would daydream I was on a reality show like Real World

It is okay Lily, help hopefully will be here at 12!


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