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Britney for America's Favorite Player!

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 :hearts: If Britney does indeed get evicted Thursday..  I believe she deserves to win AP $25,000

She won  1 HOH and 3  POV's

She put up with the smack talking, smack eating, slurping, farting, slob Enzo

 She dealt with Lane's closeted attraction to her and now the betrayal of trust

She also was strung along by Hayden.

She played the social game with Brendon and Rachel  when  it was the hardest  thing to do in the house.

I truly believe she deserves  that prize!! :jumpy:

ANYONE but ENZO  (:;)

I was wondering who I would like for this.

Ragan worked hard at the game, but Britney played better I think.

And the massive betrayal at the end is hard to stomach.

So yes, let's VOTE FOR BRITNEY!!

I like how the Enzo was making so many scenarios - how he thinks America's going to vote for whichever one of them is evicted in third place. I say we crash the party and cancel the parade. I'm in.

Yeah, vote for Britney!! If you don't want to vote for Britney, vote for Ragan!
But don't vote for Enzo :P


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