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I decided to do a comprehensive overview of the AR17. Thanks I believe to Mrs. Shrek and others, we already know a lot about the actual flights that AR17 teams took on the dates we think were correct. I have gone to a favorite airline database that shall not be named for actual flight information, but that now only gives single point-to-point flights, so any multiple flights have to be assembled correctly. The dates of flight will obviously affect actual departure and arrival times (as opposed to schedules which may stay about the same) as well as indicating which dates cannot be used due to flights not valid for those days of the week.

A key unknown is where World Race Productions placed the one or two extended pit stops for AR17. I have assumed one will be in Sweden because teams need time to recover from the long flights from Accra to Frankfurt to Stockholm to Kiruna which total 4700 miles. If there is a second one, I have no idea where it will be.

leg 1 dep. 5/26 BOS LHR
AA108 1940 0700+1
VS12   2002 0725+1

leg 2 dep. 5/28 LHR ACC
VS657 2254 0455+1

leg 3 5/30 local transport in Ghana

leg 4 dep. 5/31 ACC FRA
NOTE that a 6/1 departure does not work, so I have backed this up to 5/31
LH567 2203 0603+1
SK2636 1216 1416
HK3114 2020 2137

leg 5 KRN ARN
Note: I expect this to be on 6/3, not one day later
6/3 SK1307 1435

leg 6 6/3 local transportation around greater Stockholm area
followed by extended pit stop??

leg 7 ARN LED 6/5
SK732 1311 1632

leg 8 6/6 LED Moscow SVO or DME there are almost hourly flights, so pick one arriving well before the below ongoing flights
SU569 SVO DXB 2018 0103+1 or
EK134 DME DXB 1745 2244     or
6/7 EK132 0038 0528
6/7 EK866 DXB MCT 0333 0447 or for connection for line above EK862 DME DXB 0830 0930

leg 9 6/9 MCT BOM 9W539 0035 0435
6/9 BOM DAC 9W276 0930 1303

leg 10 6/11 DAC HKG  KA111 0215 0816

leg 11 6/13 HKG ICN almost hourly flights from 8am on, so take your pick

leg 12 ICN LAX most probable (earliest) departure is KE17 1524 1024 

Really?  So many legs in Sweden.  I thought there were only two legs there.  And two in South Korea, for that matter.

it isn't legs is flights and transits.

Thanks apskip! Thanks to spoiler friends we doknow  some of the actual flights used, be sure to refer to the post 1 Timeline summary.

We have no actual evidence for a leg in the Stockholm area, (just transits). We do believe there is at least one leg in Kiruna Sweden (Artic Circle).

Legs 4 and 5 are the only Swedish legs, Paron. I cannot support the possibility of two legs in South Korea because there are 12 legs with only one in South Korea.

KRN is airport code for Kiruna so leg 4 (and maybe also leg 5) is the above-Arctic Circle leg.


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