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Discuss away!!  :jumpy:

Last time Survivor divided teams to include age as a factor, it was a bit of a dud. <understatement>  Hope this season turns out differently!!

ZBC Company:
no i love wendy

The thing I'm amazed about Nicaragua is that it is a land of BUTTERFLIES! :colors

This has to be the most exciting and memorable first few episodes for SURVIVOR, EVER.

I find it weird that Kelly B and Alina are aligned together even though Alina doesn't want to. I find it amazing that Kelly B was supposed to be SUCH A HUGE THREAT and she flew under the vote. I find it weird that Brenda was supposed to go but Shannon went instead.

But oh my, that was one hell of a Tribal Council. I thought after Heroes VS Villians we're probably not getting that, I also thought that exciting TC will only happen when HIIs are played. And why.. why... is Naonka still there if her badass attitude is pissing everyone off? If we think logically, Naonka OR Kelly B should go.. not SHANNON. But hell, i was happy Shannon go. What a badass seriously, attacking people from left right up down. Kelly B, you rock for writing his name down too. Alina, you're dumb.

And Holly.. is Holy Hell... I don't know what's wrong with her. This season seems to give people many controversial things to talk about?? LOL. I like Chase, I like Brenda, I like Kelly B.. and the non Coach Jimmy is really irritating.

I guess i'm rooting for Chase, Brenda, Kelly B, Jane and OMG.. Jill is DARN CLEVER WITH THAT IDOL CLUE. <3

Guess this season of Survivor is getting exciting....


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