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BB12 Live Feed Updates Friday 9/3/10

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Ragan Evicted 2-0

Hayden won HOH

Lane Enzo (off camera) and Hayden talking about who and how they could beat Brit

L if I am up against you, who wins?
E who will give me anything with one POV

L if you 2 are up, who wins?

E who wins stuff

H I don't think that matters, it is who likes you

E if it is you and Hayden Hayden wins...feel bad for ya :lol:

E if you don't vote out Brit, people will be pissed, they want to see the 3 of us

L but you will beat me for the 500G's (he is being honest here)

Hayden to the DR

Ok I'm here updating from BBAD

Hayden in DR

All else in cabana room talking about music

My bad, Hayden was not in DR, he just came in cabana with food

Still on LD, and basically waiting on Hayden's HOH room

HOH room coming??

Brit in too, chips

Feed three is feeling kinda pink :lol:


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