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TAR 17: Nick DeCarlo and Vicki Casciola --Dating

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They reminded me more of Kami and Karli. Totally clueless, but stayed on in the race for so long and you just had no idea how they managed to survive each week. :lol:

Well, if nothing else, they are certainly being "edited" into that "clueless team" slot. They do seem to cast a team for that "role."

Off the top of my head.....
TAR16 - Brent/Caitie
TAR15- Maria/Tiffany
TAR14- Mike/Mark, Steve/Linda
TAR13- Dan/Andrew
TAR9- Lisa/Joni or Jon/Scott
TAR7-  ??
TAR6- Lori/Bolo
TAR5- Kami/Karli
TAR4- first couple out maybe his name was David??
TAR3- soccer moms
TAR2- ???
TAR1- Matt/Anna

I will look at the casts for other races and fill in the rest.....I just want to make sure. I do not think these people are clueless.....just that they got the TAR clueless edit.

A few of the more famous clueless teams -

Kami and Karli
Lori and Bolo
Adam and Rebecca
Brent and Caite
Dan and Andrew

Other than them.. don't think other teams got a really clueless/dumb blondes edit. :lol:


--- Quote from: ZBC Company on September 01, 2010, 02:56:27 PM ---this team rock and she aslo very hot good casting tar

--- End quote ---

Yes, I'm agree with you, they very strong Team. :cmas16

Nick and Vicki are no longer dating. They split up.


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