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BB12 Live Feed Updates Tuesday 8/31/10

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Lane HOH

Lane got a Pandora's Box upon opening it he got $92.17 and the house received 3 punishments

Punishment #1 is no use of cups and  silverware till Thursday

Ragan and Enzo Nominated for Eviction

Enzo wins POV

Punishment #2 are Sock Puppets for 24hrs only. HG's couldn't talk without it on or they would become a have-not. Punishment #2 Completed- no have nots

Punishment #3  HG's have to stop whatever they are doing and dance whenver BB starts to play music it's usually @ every hour for 24hrs. If they dont dance they are a have not. Completed - no have nots.

Enzo uses POV on himself

Lane nominates Hayden as the replacement

Hayden and Ragan on the block for eviction

will this be our F2  :duno:

Not if Enzo has anything to say about it!  :lol: He's ragging on Ragan big time saying he's done nothing but lay around man! He asks him all the time to do somethin, but nah!

the boys are saying ragan has given up

lane we havent shunned him though

haydne I talk to him when he is awake

Enzo, I have dumb luck, that's the way it's been all season. But it worked out the way it should. Final 4, that's the way it should be Man!


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