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BB12 Live feed Updates Monday 8/30/30

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Lane HOH

Lane got a Pandora's Box upon opening it he got $92.17 and the house received 3 punishments

Punishment #1 is no use of cups and  silverware till Thursday

Ragan and Enzo Nominated for Eviction

Enzo wins POV

Punishment #2 are Sock Puppets for 24hrs only. HG's couldn't talk without it on or they would become a have-not. Punishment #2 Completed- no have nots

Punishment #3  HG's have to stop whatever they are doing and dance whenver BB starts to play music it's usually @ every hour. If they dont dance they are a have not.

*not sure if this is for 24hrs or not *

Heee..right now I have pool and more pool....think H is still working out in the corner

O h yeah, there he is!

They are laughing at how bad their last dancing was

Hayden to the DR

yay! No talking for me !

spoke too soon, here comes Brit

Brit do you dip?

L no I don't, but if I did I wouldn't say on TV

B but you don't, your teeth are too good

L I have a phobia about teeth, I brush mine all the time

B did you have braces

L nope

B those are your teeth? They just grew that way??!!

L I brush them into place :lol:


thank goodness, I need something to to get some iced tea, brb


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