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BB12 Live feed Updates Sunday 8/29/30

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Lane HOH

Lane got a Pandora's Box upon opening it he got $97.00(still not confirmed) and the house received 3 punishments

Punishment #1 is no use of cups and  silverware

Ragan and Enzo Nominated for Eviction

Enzo wins POV

Punishment #2 is Sock Puppets! Don't talk without it on, or you become a have-not!

Grilling hamburgers on the grill.

Cheese and crackers?

Enzo telling his puppet BE Nice!!

Lane loving his

H says don't talk to be, I am going puppetless!


Now they are asking are they having to share right out of the bottle?

OK I'm here....and  :yess:  to the sock puppets!

They are eating dinner

All are in kitchen/dining are having random convos with their puppets on. It's so funny to watch them tonight.


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