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China Rush 2010: Show Discussion --Note finale change to Oct 30!!!

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Now that is way cool! Thanks!

and whoohoo! Starts from Late Apr to Mid Jun 2011.

ohhhh Neobie!! :hearts:

Since weihen advocated self-driving for season 2, I wanted to know how difficult it would be for teams not from mainland China to drive there.

I don't remember the US TAR ever allowing teams to drive working cars in India or mainland China.

After watching the show Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads, where professional truckers from North America drive in India, I totally understand why TPTB wouldn't allow teams to drive in India; the likelihood of getting into an accident and then getting lynched is way too high. 

How is it in mainland China?


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How is it in mainland China?

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US TAR never allowed teams drivng in China because that IDP didn't work at China mainland...if you want to drive in China,you must go to China and pass a exam to get Chinese drive driver license ,it will take long time.

Thanks for the information.

Nice set of MAPS:


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