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New TAR 5 Promo !!

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New TAR 5 Promo !! This could be a good sign that there is still hope that TAR 5 will begin on schedule ?  ;D

btw: CBS site says that we will get to meet/see the cast on  Friday June 4th
 ;) this Allison & Donny ??  :D (ot: This is for you Rob  ;D )

LMAO, is she crying there?

Must be an inside joke at CBS!


I think you are right, Puddin. Yesterday I saw a promo for BB5 and TAR 5 both to begin July 6th. YEA!

I hope Allison is more entertaining on TAR than she was on BB but I expect her to act just like Flo!

YAY ..I finally saw the promo on CBS.. ;D
Rob..she does look like she's crying/Whining.... ;D ;D
She could be our New Flo (from TAR 3 ) ? ;D Ah memories..that was my favorite TAR..I just loved Terri & Ian  ;D..and Flo & Zach

Flo in one of her moods  ;D~

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Puddin, puddin, puddin. You actually LIKED Terry and Ian and Flo and Zach? Are you insane, woman! Poor Zach, I will never forget what that man had to go through to win, not only pulling his own weight but pulling Flo every single inch of the way. The man deserved the entire million himself. The only good thing to come out of it was that Zach realized just who and what Flo was and that he had to get rid of her NOW.

Whew, I guess I am STILL upset over that one!  ;D


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