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The best part of TAR 10 beside the BQ's??

The music challenge at Ukraine. Lyn & Karlyn, The BQs are my favorite!

A lot of people don't agree with me but for me personally, TAR14 is one of the best season tbh. Yeah, the route is underwhelmed but the cast are amazing and the task are top notch (Cheese rolling, Thai's karaoke madness, Chinese food order).

It's a good season


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--- Quote from: αirlinesguy on June 08, 2013, 09:30:57 PM ---Tanzania and Poland flightwise is such a trainwreck <3

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Dustin and Kandice started leg 8 while Eric and Daniel and Guidos hadn't even finished leg 7.
looks like we never had anything like that except for season 21's Turkey-Russia flight. i love airport Dramas, but recent seasons do not show that much.

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Couldn't be more agree. I hope season 23 will give us airport dramas like back then in Tanzania. So depressing yet surprising knowing at the end one of the victim won the season.

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I bet u were happy with the Portugal leg in S23 then lol


--- Quote from: Kandace on January 22, 2011, 07:22:43 PM ---TAR 17 Geography Task.

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IKR I liked this task lol even though it could have been done anywhere.

I only liked carojen in the final 7 all the boots previous to that were tragic.


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