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--- Quote from: Jobby on February 28, 2014, 10:38:32 PM ---In conclusion, TAR 20 sucks the most. :funny:

--- End quote ---

I loved TAR 20. I just hated that Art & JJ and Rachel & Dave made it all the way to the end.

Casting-wise, it was pretty good tbh. The only teams I didn't like were the two mentioned above +Elliot & Andrew.

TAR20 was a pretty good season imo but that might be overshadowed by the fact it was followed by TAR21.

I actually really like 19-22 more than tar23.

In my opinion TAR19 had an okay cast, only had the boot order been different :res: And TAR23 could've gone from very good to really bad if only the NFLs didn't have their flight problems. I mean, that season would've sucked without TimMarie :funny:

Norwegian Boy:
I disagree with most of you on this one! Season 19 and 20 had a great cast  :hoot:, 21 are okey, 22 are boring (Am I the only one who thinks this  ???) and season 23 is good too.


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