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--- Quote from: toanglobal on January 21, 2014, 09:59:18 PM ---In TAR 21 leg 9 if the chipps accidentally dropped their detour clue and forced to return back to retrieve their ones, would U-Turn board affect them?

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How would the U-turn affect the Chippendales if they passed it before Trey & Lexi could use it on them? Also, to my knowledge, if a team dropped a clue they already picked up from a clue box or such, they don't have to retrieve it unless they WANT to. This pertains to lost clues (such as Wil & Tara in the S2 finale). Teams, however, could not pick up another clue from the box if they lost their original clue (such as Freddie & Kendra in S6 Leg 2).

Besides, the alliance's plan was the first team to arrive at the U-Turn board would U-Turn Abbie & Ryan. If Trey & Lexi arrived there and saw both slots weren't used, they would use it on the dating divorcees, not Jaymes & James. The Chippendales would arrive next, and they would U-Turn Trey & Lexi, completing their U-Turn contract.

TAR21 didn't have a good cast but it had a great boot order.


--- Quote from: Spitty2013 on February 26, 2014, 10:15:43 PM ---
--- Quote from: dryedmangoez on February 26, 2014, 03:13:09 PM ---TAR can't continue on like this.  All the Ford and Snapple sponsorships won't be enough to help. They need to make big improvements.

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I wholeheartedly agree. I remember reading a post on Rob Has a Website (as well as some posts here) about possible improvements. One of the biggest ones needs to be casting. I feel that , the only good (recent) casts were 17 and 21. I think that CBS should take a look at the Aus2 cast. I could handle a mediocre route if the casting is spot on like it was that season. If we're lucky, maybe CBS will look at the backlash from the casting this season. I would work on the casting, then the route in that order, since most people are going to see the cast first.

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I strongly disagree that 17 was a good cast.
I felt the only truely great teams from 17 were Gary & Mallory, Kevin & Michael, Brooke & Claire, and Ron & Tony who didn't even get time to shine.

I still stand by S23 having the best Post UB cast, it just had a horrible boot order!  :groan:

I'll agree however that Aus2 had amazing cast. It's prob one of the finest castings in TAR history.

--- Quote from: Airlines on February 26, 2014, 10:23:44 PM ---TAR21 didn't have a good cast but it had a great boot order.

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I really didn't like the boot order for 21. One of my favourites were the first boot, slowly followed by everyone else I was rooting for.  Of the final 5, I only cared for the Beekmans.

But, no matter who we root for, we have to remember it's not the producers fault if the season has a bad boot order.

Casting-wise, TAR22 is the best.

The Final 7 was just simply amazing, minus Bates & Anthony.

Boot-list wise, TAR 23 and 21 was good too.

I genuinely liked the TAR 23 Final Six especially Tim & Marie, as well as the TAR 21 Final Five minus the Beekmans.

TAR 19's cast though....  :funny:

I hated the cast pre-race, but during the race itself, I actually liked almost everyone. The only team I don't like in that season now is Ron & Bill, but that's because they were invisible.

In conclusion, TAR 20 sucks the most. :funny:


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