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My favourite tasks?

Anything that involves height (bungee jumping, skydiving) or something that involves gross food.

And... you have TAR 5.

Ostrich egg, caviar, skydiving, digging in sand, egypt roadblock/detour, philippines ox, australia zorb ball, australia mud/water-sliding detour...

TAR 5 gotta be the best season in terms of tasks and locations. None of the tasks seemed "useless" and "inappropriate" unlike in recent season where we have really really bad ones.

Reilly Queens:
TAR 17 Geography Task.

I loved the moment when Charla & Mirna beat Rob & Amber!  :hearts:

I also miss the Original Theme Song, the teams turning their heads during the Intro and the original fanny packs with the red and yellow stripes. I want one!  :lol:  :(

I wish there was the Amazing Race soundtrack CD.  :snicker: (besides the ones available on YouTube)

Belle Book:
I liked the Australian slang task -- so much that I used it in my Fantasy Amazing Race fanfic.  I also liked the following tasks:

Venice Roadblock (I used a combination of it and the Tango part of the Perro/Tango Detour in my fanfic as well),
Ox/Fowl Detour ("My ox is broken!"  Still worth a good laugh!)
Season 9's final Roadblock (that was cool!)
The final memory task of the All-Stars season (even if Dustin & Kandice had problems there),
The donkeys task (seeing the donkey hee-haw at Nate was priceless!)

Belle Book


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