Author Topic: Jeff Probst is married?  (Read 2719 times)

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Jeff Probst is married?
« on: July 21, 2010, 07:26:44 AM »
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.... Sorry to disappoint you guys. Our favorite Survivor host is not yet married. Though, he officiated a wedding!  :hearts:

Jeff Probst officiated Jenna Fischer's wedding, and other awesome ideas
by Margaret Lyons

Office star Jenna Fischer got married two weeks ago, which, you know, hurray for her, but the cool part is that Jeff Probst officiated her wedding. Bah! That is awesome.
But its gotten me thinking: What celebrity would be the best officiant ever? Its a tall order. They need to be eloquent and warm, with a little gravitas but also some humor. Boring ceremonies = the worst. My first choice is Neil Patrick Harris, because what cant that guy do? I think hed crush it. A close second, though, based on my BFFs suggestion, is Wallace Shawn. Martin Sheen and Meryl Streep also seem like solid choices.
Maybe itd be better to have someone with a little fictional experience, though. Loudon Wainwright did it in 40-Year-Old Virgin, Matt LeBlanc on Friends, Amy Poehler solemnized a penguin wedding on Parks and Recreation they all seem like good options too. Your turn, PopWatchers: What celebrity do you want to officiate?
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