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Rules for Pirahna Pool
« on: February 06, 2003, 07:16:31 PM »

Divine Sovereignty: Deal with it.
Rules and description of game play are a living document. Please continue to check this page...

In the spirit of Survivor, the player understands and agrees that (SNN) reserves the right, in its sole discretion to change, add to, delete from, modify or amend the terms, conditions and rules of the game, scoring and granting of prizes, decide not to enforce them at all, or call the whole thing off completely.

Referees are allowed to make mistakes, and so are we. The player agrees to accept all decisions of the game by SNN and go outside for fresh air when he/she disagrees.

The purpose of Piranha Pool is to predict the course of play on Survivor: Amazon, and accumulate points based on your answers.


When voting is opened, your My Piranha homepage will have a blinking icon indicating that you need to vote as follows:

You need to vote or finish voting!

Click on the link to open the voting page. Voting should be self explanatory. There will be a series of questions to answer. Each question has a point value assigned to it.

Simply choose your answer by selecting from the pull down menus. When you've made all your selections, click "Submit Picks" once to enter your votes.

Voting Deadline

The voting deadline is displayed on the voting page when voting is open. It is typically Thursday at 11am pacific.

Base Points

If you pick the correct answer for a question, you will be awarded all the points assigned to that question. If you get it wrong, you will earn zero points for that question. These points added up for each question in the episode are your "Base Points."

Lone Wolf Bonus

The "Lone Wolf Bonus" (LWB) awards additional points to those who make a correct pick on any given question. The amount of the bonus depends on the percentage of others who also picked the answer correctly. The fewer who get it right, the higher the bonus, as shown on the chart below.

The LWB is described in more detail on this page.

Earned Points

The Base Points plus the Lone Wolf Bonus are your "Earned Points." Note that the LWB is awarded on a per question basis. The LWB for each question in the episode added up, plus your Base Points are considered your Earned Points.

Early Bird Bonus

You're probably not going to win this game by waiting around until the voting deadline. To prevent a last minute crush on the server, and to avoid the "lemming effect," an Early Bird bonus scheme was devised.

In addition to the Earned Points that you earn for picking the correct answers, an Early Bird bonus will be given based on the number of hours before the deadline that you enter your picks. If you enter your picks 4 days in advance (96 hours) or more, you will be assigned a 20% bonus on top of your earned points. Between 0 and 96 hours the Early Bird bonus will calculated with the following formula, and shown on the chart following it:

Early Bird Bonus = 20% [1 - exp(-4*nhours/96)]
where nhours = number of hours before deadline picks are submitted

Team Scoring

Weekly team scores are calculated as the average of the weekly scores of those who joined the team before the weekly voting deadline. At least 5 members must have joined by the deadline or the team weekly score will be zero for that week.

The total score is the sum of the weekly team scores.

You must be 18 years of age or older to compete for prizes.

Employees and the immediate families of employees of CBS, Viacom, Survivor Entertainment Group, subsidiaries, or other participants or workers involved with the Survivor show may play but are not eligible to win any prizes. Webmasters or others with access to the(SNN) server may play but are not eligible to win prizes.

Residents of USA and Canada only are eligible for prizes. In some states or provinces, you may be legally restricted.

Because SNN may not collect and can not verify any personally identifying information of players on the internet, winners are responsible for notifying webmaster of SNN by email of any restrictions he/she has with respect to eligibility.

Hardware/software limitations of the server may require us to limit membership.

Tampering with the game or website, violating legal restrictions, or acting in a disruptive, annoying, abusive, threatening, or harassing manner, impersonating an admin or webmaster of SNN or another player, or creating an obscene, offensive, racist, homophobic, or otherwise lame ass Username is prohibited.

SNN reserves the right to disqualify any player in its sole discretion, including if we think you're being a general pain in the ass, or we're simply having a bad hair day.

Winners will be notified by email.

The first place player is the one who has accumulated the most points at the end of the game. The winner may be subjected to a guilt trip, and rewarded EITHER:
- A $100 gift certificate to (requires a valid email address), OR
- A $250 donation to an accredited charitable organization of his/her choice. The organization must be US-based, non-profit, and non-political and non-religious in nature (SNN reserves the right to reject choices it feels do not meet this requirement).

Any taxes associated with receipt of prizes are the sole responsibility of the player.

This contest was developed solely by SNN and is not affiliated with CBS, the Survivor show, or their sponsors.


Not affiliated with CBS, SEG, or Mark Burnett.
Although they probably read it everyday with their morning coffee.

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Re: Rules for Pirahna Pool
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Did you want to make sure we read them?  LOL.

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