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Deadliest Catch

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OMG can you say OUCH!!! Uncle frank of the NorthWestern gets hit in the face with that hook! OMG!!  that thing was sooo broken. not for the squeamish!

I cant belive that there is so limited footage of the CM.. and thier crab count is 3 to last place. 

the rookie captains of the show from the rambling rose and seabrook  arent doing much for me on camera.. I cant seem to get in touch with either of them. the rambling rose captain comes of cocky and the seabrook captain appears to have the knowledge to run a boat but why is there no production?

 So after the waiting out of the storm the Wizard and Freddy former deckhand of the CM makes a killing with his Cod blood drinking ritual.. Keith says  "we have to do it on every trip now! " 

 I wonder will this season come up blanks like the Rambling rose's  crab totals?? a BIG ZERO!

 i hope not!

Deadliest Catch | Premieres Tuesday, April 16 at 9/8c  :hoot:


I LOVE this show! Raw drama, men doing their best or worst and the captains that run the ships!

Thanks for the preview Ugot!  :hrt:


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