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Deadliest Catch

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Oh i forgot  :lol: I loved how jake just jumped the boat and went to the airport.. not like that's a sign of guilt but that the camera man was able to keep up with him but the COP couldnt! :lol3:

Surprise! I disagree about calling the police.   :)

Jake was filmed being accused of smoking pot and probably filmed SMOKING the pot if we only knew... I think Captain Ray had no choice but to act. Apparently Jake had promised to take a drug test in the morning before they docked and skipped out on his promise. I give him credit for one thing. No one can prove for sure that he did or didn't use drugs on the boat but there is always the chance that the other members of the crew will talk or Discovery show film we haven't seen before. There is no doubt in my mind that the other crew members know what happened. Derrick could have lost his license, if he had not reported it; he would be considered an accomplice or aiding and abetting.

I always thought Jake would be the one to take over the boat because he was the better deckhand but now I just feel disappointed in him. He's let his father down. He let his crew down, he let his brother down and he let the boat owner and the boat it down. It's obvious the boat needs a lot of work.

Captain Ray was an old friend of Phil's and he came out of retirement to finish the season when Phil had his stroke.

We only saw the most dramatic part of the problems on the boat. What did we not see?

I agree somewhat TL! I just think making a big stink over something you dont have definative proof over is "overboard" :lol3: (pun)

I hope they do show us some of the behind the scenes when this is all over to fil in those gaps!! I do believe there must have been way more drama then what we got to see.

I do agree that he was worried about his license but he can always do a :pee: test to prove he's clean as well. no one would have questioned it.  I think he thought he was helping with his intervention but it just Mutinied(is that a word? ) :lol: the crew!

here's to next weeks :keeta:

It was nice to see more of the guys on this episode. it was the begining of Opie season. and yes the CM did sail!  I think they all needed that reality check. and Im glad to see as a whole more of the activities :tup:

 Its definately makes for good TV when Sig's brother  decides NOT to return for the season and to spend it with his family. Good for him.. Now the others have to pick up the slack.. I know no one can do what Edgar did but many people working together should be able to get the job done. :keeta:

 Im hoping for a great opie season but as we already saw  Mother nature has a bone to pick with the  bering Sea. I wonder how much damge the boats are gonna have when she's finally settle the bet! :ugot 

Time bandit and seabroke   played a great prank/ retaliation on each other! marking ones boat (time bandit's) to egging  the seabrook.  it made for a fun  episode! :lol3:

I had a phone call and missed the buying of $200.00 worth of eggs. LOL I thought they were throwing snowballs until I saw the egg yolks running down the side of the windows and on the walls, it was a really good retaliation.  :lol3:

I also thought it was interesting after all of Jake's protests that he was clean that the new captain laid down the law about his drug use and Josh seemed to realize that his brother does have a problem and he needed to get cleaned up. Vindication for Captain Derrick.

The other Jake seems like he is going to grow into his new responsibilities and do OK. He has aged so much in the few years he's been crabbing, he's what 30? It was so sad to see Edgar on the dock as the Northwestern sailed out to sea.

Wasn't it interesting that Freddie left the CM to go on the Wizard? He said he hadn't made much money in the past 5 years and we know the blue crab season was a disaster. He's on a better ship for sure.


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