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Deadliest Catch

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New season promo, the season starts on April 12, 2011!

The new season begins tonight, April 12, 2011, 9PM/8PM CT on the Discovery Channel  :yess:

New Promo, new boat, the Seabrooke.

:wohoo: FINALLY!!  we're hitting the Bering Sea!!!

Permission to come aboard Captian TL :beer2:


Permission granted! Come aboard sailor...  :lol:

Sailor?? :lol3:

The season premire was good.. not great.. I was hoping for more Cornillia interaction and some behind the scenes stuff while they had  down time prepping for the season.

It's always hard with a new new cast of characters to enjoy any show and this proves to be so with me on this season. 1 whole new boat, several new faces on other boats.. and for the only the 2nd  time in 10 years they were alllowed to fish BLUE CRABS.

Seems like northwestern deckhand jake hasgrown weathered.. and has hopes of beign a captian. maybe that will be the  underlying story of the season.

Mike from the Time Bandit DID have his own boat but seeing him last nite i guess that wasnt too sucessful. :duno:

I hope there's alot of great storylines and fishing to be had this season.

it was nice to see the Coast Gaurd do  thier thing last nite! :tup:

Strap yourself in on the pulpit we are going for a Bering Sea Trip! :keeta:


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