Author Topic: Some people are such idiots, don't they know they're on TV..  (Read 987 times)

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The people who's been on the bachelor/ bachelorette that have boyfriends or girlfriends back home are a bunch of morons..  Don't you people realize that you are on tv and that the truth will come out sooner or later?  Like Justine who got caught having a girlfriend back home along with Wes.:naughty:  Do they think they can hide it?  Do they think their girlfriends aren't going to find out?!  HELLO!  They're on TV!!  They've been exposed!!  Let that be a lesson to all the viewers who are watching, DO NOT sign up for the bachelor or bachelorette while having a boyfriend/girlfriend back home b/c believe me you are going to get exposed..

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Re: Some people are such idiots, don't they know they're on TV..
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the sad/runny thing is they think they r being smart by helping there carreer's realy , please they r not nice men and for justins gf to help him pick out his suit for the show??? got to question her thinking on that one, did u notice she only called when she found out there was a 3rd gf.. :ascared ps i saw a preview of a show that wes is going to b on this summer it is batch/batchleretts in the same house i for get what it is called but b on the look out for that one i know i will... DRAMA LOVE IT... but i don't like ppl getting there fellings hurt not that justin the rated creep could hurt any ones feelings...  (:;) (:;)
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