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TV GUIDE take:

Hayden Moss

Age: 24

From: Tempe, AZ

Occupation: College Student

If this dude's not the mole, he's sure as hell acting like it. A jobless, over-bronzed muscleman who hopes someday to open a snowboard shop, Moss admits he's not very B&B savvy and has only seen Season 11 and that was handed to him on DVD by the show's producers. When we ask how he came to apply for the program, he looks nervously at his handler and says, "I don't think I'm supposed to answer that question." The handler mumbles something equally fishy about Moss being "a random applicant." Whatevs. Real or fake, win or lose, BB won't interfere much with his lifestyle. Shrugs Moss: "I'd be sitting around the pool doing nothing all summer anyway."

Typical player from ASU.  Why can't they get some better people to represent us around here?  (:;)  We've had to put up with Nasty Natalie and Bimbo April that last few seasons and they are giving Arizona a bad name!  :groan:

If his personality in the house is the same as his personality pre-house (lounging by the pool 24/7), this guy better go early or I may not be able to take it.

As cute as he is I bet he is a total tool :fan:

A recruited tool, is my guess. :lol:


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