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Hmmm...we wouldn't mind one by one! Yours are fun!


--- Quote from: georgiapeach on January 05, 2011, 10:32:57 PM ---Hmmm...we wouldn't mind one by one! Yours are fun!

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If I can figure out how to separate one Excel worksheet from the rest in the file before I finish, I'll put it up. It's definitely not as massive as the ones I did way back in... TAR11, was it? Long time ago, anyway. Now they're more of an annotated graph than a text file.

Sadly, one of the seasons I've still got to do is TAR4, on which approximately nothing has been written, so it might take a while. At least with the seasons that have been timelined elsewhere, I've got some cribnotes to double-check my graphs against.

(What's left? TAR15, TAR4, China Rush, TAR12, TAR7, TAR Asia 2, and TAR16. I'm debating whether or not to add Shanghai Rush and Latin America's version, but I won't be doing Brazil's or Israel's because 1) I don't speak the language, and 2) they're near impossible to find.)

Here's this season's timeline. I'm releasing this one a bit early to find out how it's received and what needs improving. (Apologies for the text in the black cells being coloured wrongly, it appears that all the colours have changed slightly when converted from CompareOffice to Microsoft Office.)


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