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The information in leg 9 gives us some indication of how teams flew 4000km from Brisbane to Denpasar. Arrival near 6pm by Jess/Lani leaves only this possibility:

BNE PER DJ464 0930 1330 or one earlier flight
PER DPS GA725 1455 2835

For the other 5 teams they had to be on:

BNE MEL QF625  1455 1720 or any of 5 earlier flights
MEL DPS JQ35   1845 2245

Figure this is the right place for this question: Is anyone able to tell me (a) how to tell Sahil and Manas apart, and (b) which one did each of the RoadBlocks? I'm working on episode-specific timelines for this season at the moment and am not sure I have them right. (The same also goes for the de-haired Richards, but there are at least noticeable differences in their voices and such.)


--- Quote ---Would anyone like to help Mrs Shrek and me wrap up the Timeline (Brisbane onward)??

You need to be detail oriented and persnickety like us  ,and be very familiar with all the TARA spoilers, and have some spare time in the next week or so.

Let me know by email or PM if you are interested and I 'll fill you in on what we need!!
--- End quote ---

I've got the whole season done, barring working out the extended Pit Stops. Brisbane's a definite, and I'm 90% sure about Kalutara (if it's not, Colombo is), but the only thing confusing me is the departures on the final leg -- teams left from 1pm, which would indicate they arrived at 1am... but it was still light.

Hope you'll share!

Yeah, but not until I finish doing the other seasons (I'm doing them all, in a random order, and there's about 5 US seasons, TARA2, and China Rush left)


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