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From production:

A post suggesting that TARA 4 is starting June 5 (and production usually starts a couple days ahead of cast), and will be done by July 4.

This thread is for SPOILERS and sightings only please.

Speculation on those sightings goes here:,17957.msg361828.html#msg361828



--- Quote from: topaz on June 05, 2010, 11:08:22 PM ---
--- Quote from: Coutzy on June 05, 2010, 10:58:12 PM ---These two are run on from

Does anyone recognise the language?

--- Quote ---# @non_danti Ehehe... sorry... itu juga di ingetin @ichanichanichan  terserah kalian. Kalo mau sekarang Ga Race, kalo minggu depan Race.. :)     6 minutes ago  via web

@non_danti Ada d status FB HaKi smalem nOn. Kirain udah baca :D nxt wik Kalo mau Amazing Race. Kalo mau sekarang juga boleh, ga Race tapi... 13 minutes ago via web in reply to non_danti

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It's an Indonesian in which that twitter account user lives in Indonesia and I do believe that he's talking about The Amazing Race Asia 4 and the race has just started and probably the 1st leg for that reality show is somewhere in his country.  Just a speculation. :duno:

--- End quote ---

The biggest question is, will there be another joe who throws fake spoilers? :lol:

I'm on the look-out. :)

More from Indonesia:

--- Quote ---The City closed the streets fr us to do Amazing Race.. Police cars everywhere.. Amazing !!!

13 minutes ago  via Twitpic 

--- End quote ---

Very suss... The US flags everywhere would suggest that either the pic is unrelated, or this is fake. I'll leave that up to someone with more experience in the matter.


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