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Got me wandering, what if they did an Amazing Race Asia All-Stars? Here's who I'll pick

Joe Jer & Zabrina
Mardy & Marsio
Andy & Laura

Marc & Rovilson
Natasha & Paula
Terri & Henry
Daichi & Sawaka

Geoff & Tisha
Henry & Bernie
AD & Fuzzie

I've only watched season 1 so far, but I'd rather see Sandy & Francesca than Andy & Laura.

My ideal list (combined with obvious producer choices):

TAR Asia 1:
Joe Jer & Zabrina (first all-female team to win, a-dur)
Andy & Laura (they were like the first villains on TARA)

TAR Asia 2:
Adrian & Collin (Asia's beloved deaf racer)
Marc & Rovilson (they friggin' dominated)

TAR Asia 3:
Ida & Tania (Malaysiangoddesses <333)

And I'll add 5-7 more teams from the later seasons.


--- Quote from: Raymond on June 03, 2010, 03:07:59 AM ---Marc & Rovilson (they friggin' dominated)
--- End quote ---
I don't think so.  They weren't well-liked by viewers except those from their country.

Put Aussies on TARA!!!



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