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And yet another Reality Show :D

New Reality Show Pits Corporate Criminals Against SEC and FBI Investigators 
  New York-based entertainment group, MJM, unveils CORRUPTION, INC., a new reality series that sets convicted corporate felons loose in an actual corporation with a team of auditors and investigators out to catch them--if they can.

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) June 8, 2004 -- Following on the success of reality shows like The Apprentice coupled with the advent of Fox’s much-hyped The Casino, producers at MJM, an entertainment development group based in New York City, are moving swiftly to finalize production plans for a new reality series focused on corporate crime.

The program, currently dubbed CORRUPTION, INC., will follow the hi-jinks and machinations of six convicted corporate felons as they attempt to actually swindle a privately held corporation. Hot on their trail are a team of America’s top corporate cops—veterans drawn from the FBI, the SEC, the technology sector and well… um… prison. “For the company participating, the it’s the ultimate security audit,” says the show’s creator, Alisa Jones. “They’ve come to grips with the fact that these days the best way to catch a thief is to hire one. It’s smart—like hiring a hacker to break a system, so that ultimately you can render it bulletproof.” But don’t expect to see a bunch of flabby accountants milling around a whiteboard, says Jones. “We’re dealing with a new breed of investigator—these people get dirty. Dumpster diving and covert sting operations are definitely a part of the picture.”

While sponsors might balk at a show that potentially glorifies corporate swindling, where advertisers will be required to bring their own irony, Jones argues that the show is a natural fit with America’s current cultural fascination with both reality-based programming and the cult of the CEO. “One of the reasons reality television has been so successful is its focus on relationships and fundamentally, corporate crime is a very human drama— fraught with ambition, relationships, alliances, opportunity and greed—the greed of individuals so drunk on their own power they believe they can scam anyone. Besides,” she says, returning to the issue of sponsor concerns, “we’ve got a redemptive twist built in—that’s as much as I’ll say for now.”

Producers expect to begin shooting in early fall and are currently working with attorneys and accountants to ensure that the show is airtight when it comes to the swindles and the law.

About MJM | mrs. jones media: MJM is a New York-based independent entertainment development and marketing group dedicated to producing original content and events for the film, television and literary markets.