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This thread is for discussion of TAR 17 confirmed or very likely locations based on spoilers, not for speculation or wish lists please.

Speculation goes HERE .

Pending the opening of the new episode threads, I'll be including all new promos here!


We believe that TAR 17 will be departing from an EAST COAST city and traveling in an easterly direction.

Once we are sure that the race is safely underway and that the starting line has occured, we will release more info on the start city and the believed destination city. Until then, watch those tweets!


all speculation to one of the spec threads please....

The Gloucester Sea Jacket Marine Paints Manufactory puts the boats in the straits between the Inner and Outer Harbors.

(I know, I haven't updated the TAR 16 maps yet, give me until my school term ends!)

Summarizing some incoming info:

Teams DEP Boston Logan using American Airlines 108 dep 7:15 PM arr 6:50 AM (first 3 teams)
and Virgin Atlantic 12 dep 7:45 PM arr 7:20 AM ( remaining 8 teams).

Destination: Heathrow, then on to STONEHENGE!! :hearts:


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