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Still didn't know why Candice was picked as a Hero?
No idea how did James get picked as a Hero as well.
Steph, Amanda, Cirie and Sugar were indeed true Heroes and i'm glad they were part of the season.
Colby's performance was disappointing, still a true Hero.
Rupert, Tom and JT were also fit to be villians. But JT sucks this season. Didn't like him the first time, HATED him this season.
Parvati, Jerri and Sandra were true villian picks.
No idea how Danielle and Courtney were picked, but SERIOUSLY.. i have a puppy love for Courtney! She's just so cute and her stay on the jury was very entertaining. I really liked her this season.
Rob, was surprisingly.. a Hero this season.
Russell lost again. LOLLLLLLLL :lol: :lol3:
Amanda is LOVE. She is not suitable to play this game as she's really a sweet girl.
Randy's exit early = Forgettable
Tyson did practically nothing this season. Nothing memorable.

Although a villian won, but the fact that Russell didn't because the Heroes voted against him =


^^ Yep, Tyson did nothing except making a dumb move that caused him to be voted off and allowed the Russell-Parvati-Danielle alliance to reign.

My thoughts
J.T., Candice and James came across as villains.
Rob came across as a hero.
Russell's simply the ultimate villain. I mean, the villains tribe aren't half as villainous as him in my opinion. Even with 3 villains making it to the end, I actually thought that Parvati and Sandra really deserved this.
I thought that Coach kinda redeemed himself this season. He was much less arrogant, and I actually kinda like him this time.
I was really rooting for Colby, but yeah, his performance was disappointing. Not just physically, but he was just cruising along the entire game. I didn't get much fighting spirit from him. To me, he was ready to leave anytime. But it could be due to what he said during the finale, that he wasn't having fun as they weren't allowed to explore the islands much.
The Heroes were really dumb to reject Sandra's help in getting rid of Russell at least 2 times. If Candice had not flipped, the whole outcome would have been different. If Rupert had not told Russell what was Sandra's plan, the outcome would have been different as well. They killed themselves and deserved to be picked off one by one.
Russell got his dumb girl alliances easily last season. But he was playing against the best players this time. His "dumb girls" all kicked his butt. And I absolutely love that. Go Parvati and Sandra!
And I thought that Jerri has become a better, nicer person. =)

And I thought that Jerri has become a better, nicer person. =)

I agree! I actually like her this time round!

Jerri for the most part played a good game except when she hindred Russell getting voted out.  NOt as vicious as Australia
but I still liked her

Colby didn't do well at all this season but I still like him

Coach surprised me at the reunion with his self awareness.  He knew he came off as a tool and tried to correct it.
I will give him credit for that.  That;s not an easy thing to do.

I wish Rob had stayed on longer.  Rob against Russell would be awesome to see.  rob for the win

I so hope we nevere have to see russell on our t.v screens again.  I am asking for a 5 year ban---at least

Good season all and all.  So glad Sandra won


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