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Belle Book:

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--- Quote from: Paron on May 28, 2010, 03:00:10 PM ---Ha!  Russell fans here are sore losers as he is!  Russell didn't play a good game.  Rob said it best that he might play an adequate enough game to get to the end, but he sure as hell will never play a good enough game to win.

As for him winning Fan Favorite?  Well, more of America's idiotic, questionable taste, I'd say.

Parvati and Sandra both overcame tremendous odds to get to the end -- Parvati pre-merge and Sandra post-merge -- and each definitely had WAY better cases to make than the troll.  And I'm glad it came down to the two of them in the end.  Both deserved it.

Insiders indicate that Parvati was only tainted by Russell in Candice and Amanda's eyes.  With Colby, J.T., and Rupert, it was really more that Sandra just made a better case.  She knocked their socks off, in fact.  Both women actually did.  Sandra just laid out her case in a much better way than Parvati did.  Russell had zero chance because apparently, no one even addressed him except Danielle.

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Perhaps RussHell won Fan Favorite in part because none of the voters who gave him the title actually had to live with him for a long enough time to get sick of his bullying ways, be mad at him for backstabbing them or feel frustration at him for kicking them when they were down.

Belle Book

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He probably won the fan favourite like how all the acting roles for the villians in movies and dramas normally receive raving reviews from the audience. Thus people are actually voting for him as a "survivor who can play this game" rather than a "fan favourite".

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That's the other part -- they actually vote for him as someone who can play the game.  But I must still point out that the people who voted for him didn't have to live with him.  If you don't have to spend any long amount of time with a villain, you're detached enough to be able to vote for him for being able to play the game.  And the viewers only got to see him on TV one hour a day.  They could put their emotions aside.  It's much harder when you're living with a guy like RussHell.

Belle Book

Hey can I know what the jury said as they cast their votes (and possibly their screenshots of their vote)? That is, if the one on the CBS website showed all 9 of them instead, like in separate clips... coz I can't watch it from where I am now. Thanks!

--- Quote from: ugot2bekidinmeny on May 20, 2010, 11:44:21 AM --- Ok so i went to the cbs website to watch the jury cast their votes from viewing the whole episode. usually they have it in separate clips once the show airs. anyway I got to see the fist pump!   :yess: I guess so did Sandra!!

  :jumpy: it was fun to actually watch the jury cast their votes again! :lol:

--- Quote from: ugot2bekidinmeny on May 19, 2010, 11:03:19 AM ---I wonder why we can't see what the jury members said as they casted their votes for the winner? :duno: 

CBS lets us see all the comments when the tribal members cast votes on the secret scenes.

I'm dying to know what Courtney said when she casted her vote for the winner cuz all i know is they cut over to Sandra and she was laughing. I wonder if she  could hear Courtney.


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